Download your ES-1 Automotive Water Benchmarking Whitepaper

This whitepaper is your guide to Water Benchmarks in the Automotive Industry.

Six original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) agreed to participate in a comprehensive North American benchmarking survey on water use in the automotive industry. The goals of the survey were to look at current water use, identify leading practices and areas for improvement, and extend these practices to the automotive supply chain as well. The survey identified 135 aspects to benchmark for North American facilities, including metrics, assessments, management processes, and sustainability.

The Automotive Water Benchmarking Whitepaper provides:

  • Details about the importance of water to the auto industry
  • Survey results and analysis
  • Information regarding the metrics, administration, metering, assessments and processes involved
  • An examined look at the use of cooling towers, fire protection, and irrigation
  • Reports on water and wastewater treatment, paint pretreatment, sustainability and more

The automotive industry as a whole recognizes the importance of water both in its processes, and for worldwide use. Moving forward, water management will continue to be a huge challenge, particularly with trans-boundary aquifers and river basins spanning the space between countries.  The automotive industry is somewhat water-intensive, as is its supply chain (Pacific Institute 2007) - not only is water used directly in the manufacturing process, it is also used in materials extraction, and indirectly for power generation.

In evaluating water within their companies, OEMs can use water assessment tools, water strategy tools, and water reporting. Fill out the form to the right to receive your guide.