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With over 30 years of experience working across the global supply chain, the Automotive Industry Action Group is your resource for training and solutions that address critical industry problems, creating cost-savings results.

Increase your value to your customers and strengthen your reputation by becoming an AIAG member. AIAG memberships are corporate, when a company joins everyone in your company will have exclusive access to:

  • Industry training on quality compliance, supply chain management, and more

  • Essential auto industry resources, FREE

  • Opportunities to create the next generation of industry standards

  • Time and money-saving solutions to key industry problems

  • An active community focused on improving the automotive supply chain

Annual dues are based on the parent company’s global annual sales. Please use the chart at the bottom of the page to determine the approximate dues level for your company.

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AIAG membership is corporate and dues are based on global annual sales. See where you fall.

Global Annual Sales  Annual Dues
Under $10 million $500 
$10 to $20 million  $1,000 
$20 to $200 million $2,000 
$200 to $300 million $3,500 
$300 to $400 million $4,500 
$400 to $500 million $6,500 
$500 million to $1 billion $7,500 
$1 to $3 billion $8,500 
$3 to $5 billion $12,000
Over $5 billion $13,500