Specialty Products and AIAG Supplier Membership Program

In an effort to further strengthen our commitment to working with and for our suppliers, Specialty Products has partnered with AIAG to provide our suppliers access to knowledge assessments, training, standards and best practices in the areas of quality, materials management & sustainability.

But these solutions only work if everyone in the supply chain is using them. We want all of our supplier community to share our success, so we’re proud to announce that we're sponsoring FREE memberships for FIVE years in AIAG to our suppliers who qualify.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Complete the application to your right to find out if you qualify for a sponsored membership.  But even if you don't, the process improvements you get from using the industry developed best practices exponentially outweigh the small membership investment. We hope to see you there.

AIAG membership is corporate and dues are based on global annual sales. See where you fall.

 Global Annual Sales

 Annual Dues

*Under $10 million


*$10 to $20 million 


$20 to $200 million


$200 to $300 million


$300 to $400 million


$400 to $500 million


$500 million to $1 billion


$1 to $3 billion


$3 to $5 billion


Over $5 billion


 * Direct parts manufacturers (product ends up as a part of the finished vehicle) in these sales categories qualify for sponsored FREE memberships for FIVE years.