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Dramatic shifts in global manufacturing, the accelerating rate of product innovation, growing demand for compliance reporting and the retirement of those with critical, institutional knowledge has made managing risk and transferring that knowledge mission critical to the future growth of our industry. That’s why AIAG and its member companies have joined forces to help our partner companies manage many of these risks by providing unlimited access to the tools, guidelines, best practices, assessments and standards needed to exceed customer performance expectations … free to suppliers who qualify.

"We see the value of a consortium group of volunteers working together to make our industry better. To those considering volunteering, I would say your effort will not only make your industry better, but your company as well. What's good for the industry is good for individual companies, and vice versa."

W. Lowe, Manager, Ford Motor Company


  • Standards that ensure you are certified to be an automotive supplier
  • Best practices to help develop & launch innovative solutions faster
  • Guidelines for error proofing, traceability, and improved problem solving


  • Global Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) for world class materials management efficiency and accuracy
  • Cybersecurity guidelines to protect transactional data & intellectual property/Online scans to identify IP system vulnerabilities
  • Common Industry mechanisms to enable fast, more secure, and compliant international border crossings
  • Finished Vehicle Logistics guidelines/practices for effective and damage-free handling/transporting Electric, Connected, and traditional combustion-engine vehicles


  • Industry Sustainability Guiding Principles, Practical Guidance and Assessment eTools addressing ESG
  • Common industry tools for Conflict Minerals and other Responsible Materials Reporting
  • IMDS & Global Chemical Management Reporting
  • Environmental Sustainability/Health & Safety Benchmarking & Best Practices

And much, much more. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Pricing: AIAG offers sponsored membership at no cost to direct suppliers and EV OEMs under $20 million in global annual sales and diversity-owned under $100 million in global annual sales.
AIAG free sponsored membership is directed at suppliers of components, materials, and secondary finishing processes. AIAG also includes logistics services, packaging, labeling, and tooling and equipment; if it touches or becomes part of the finished vehicle, membership is free for 24 months.

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