The Future of the Automotive Supply Chain
Part 1 of 3: Asia-Pacific Supply Chain Professionals Share their Insights and Expectations.

The automotive industry operates at the intersection of numerous global megatrends, including increased automation, digitalization, globalization, climate change, cybersecurity, labor markets/employment — and more. Cultural attitudes toward the role of the automobile and vehicle ownership in modern life are also changing. Understanding the market forces that will shape the industry in the coming years is crucial for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers and sub-tier suppliers who want to remain competitive in this increasingly complex and fluid business environment.

To assess the impact of these and other trends on the automotive supply chain through 2025, AIAG and Thomson Reuters are conducting a series of surveys asking automotive supply chain professionals from around the world to share their expertise and insights. The following survey results reflect the opinions of individuals with a supply chain role in territories around Asia-Pacific (APAC). The survey had 120 respondents and was completed in December 2018.

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