Download your SASIG White Paper on Model Based Enterprise

This paper describes the current and future states of MBE in the automotive industry, promotes the implementation of the 3D-MBD model and provides guidance to successfully shift from a drawing-based to a model-based enterprise.

The Automotive Industry is expanding the use of 3D CAD systems and related technology from engineering and product design to tooling, process development, manufacturing operations, and many other downstream business areas. The goal is to produce 3D models that can:

  • Represent a complete product model in the context of the downstream operation
  • Enhance efficiency throughout the entire value chain, including suppliers and partners
  • Significantly promote reuse
  • Improve design efficiency and reduce cost
  • Improve quality across the extended enterprise

The Strategic Automotive Standards Industry Group (SASIG) is a global consortium of standards organizations, including Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) in Japan, Groupement pour l'Amelioration des Liaisons dans l'Industrie Automobile (GALIA) in France, and Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) in the U.S. The work group’s vision is to move the automotive industry from current state to MBE. To do so, the 3D-MBE Work Group is focused on:

  • 3D Model-Based Definition penetration and maturity in the automotive industry
  • Elimination of the obstacles to achieving 3D-MBD
  • Exchange and consumption of 3D-MBD data across the extended enterprise to support specific business areas and their workflows

The MBE SASIG initiative will allow the automotive industry worldwide to work toward globally common digital product lifecycle processes and standards. The initiative will also provide a common voice in representing interoperability and functionality issues with MBE. Download your informative whitepaper to learn more today.