In an effort to provide our suppliers with the knowledge they need to identify areas of potential risk and improvement in supply chain sustainability, American Axle & Manufacturing is partnering with the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) to offer a free E-Learning and Knowledge Assessment to our valued supplier partners. Use these tools to evaluate your current knowledge as you champion your company’s sustainability efforts.


AIAG Supply Chain Sustainability E-Learning

A free online course highlighting the fundamental principles addressing human rights, environmental responsibility, and business ethics designed to help on-board employees who have been assigned to champion their company’s sustainability efforts. Based on the industry Global Guiding Principles, the course highlights the fundamental expectations of FCA US LLC, Ford, General Motors, Honda, and Toyota.

Participants in this E-Learning will gain the necessary knowledge and means to evaluate fundamental understanding of key business issues in sustainability and to help ensure in the automotive industry, anywhere in the world are afforded decent working conditions and treated with dignity and respect.


AIAG Supply Chain Sustainability Knowledge Assessment

This free online assessment is based on the Automotive Industry Guiding Principles to Enhance Sustainability Performance in the Supply Chain. It includes terms and knowledge common to the automotive industry and is designed to help 'on-board' employees who have been assigned to lead or champion their company's sustainability efforts.

Assessment questions cover topics in working conditions, environmental standards, and business ethics. You can register for the AIAG Supply Chain Sustainability Knowledge Assessment once a month as many times as you would like, and upon completion, you will receive a results letter via email.